Do you want to be a vegan mentor?

Thanks for your interest in becoming a mentor in the Vegan Challenge! Mentors are personal assistants to the Vegan Challenge participants. They are vegans themselves and know the basics of vegan food and living vegan. Going vegan can have a steep learning curve. But once the basics are learned, it usually becomes quite easy (even though there can of course still be challenges). This puts us in a unique position to help Vegan Challenge participants with something that can be hard, but for us is now easy.

All mentors receive training so you don't have to know everything yet. At this point, being interested in helping others try vegan, is enough.

What do you commit to when you become a mentor?

The mentor must be supportive, approachable and understanding. Many people use our campaign to transition to a vegan diet, but Vegan Challenge is also for those who only wish to reduce their consumption of animal products for the duration of the challenge. As mentors we should welcome varying levels of ambition as well as different motivations for trying a vegan diet. However, we only recommend vegan food in the challenge.

The information given by the mentor must be scientifically valid. Nutrition advice should be based on recommendations from health professionals, and we have such experts helping out in the campaign. We give advice based on official nutritional recommendations and take into account the specifics of the vegan diet.

We always answer kindly and factually, also when we have heard the questions many times before.

(Mentoring is rewarding! Pictures of mentors and quotes from mentors can go here)

Exactly how much time you want to dedicate to mentoring is up to you, but we expect that you can spend at least 15 minutes a day answering participants’ questions in the shared Facebook group and be a personal mentor for at least five participants each month and answering their questions within two days. Five may sound like many, but is actually very doable, since usually only some of them will be asking you questions. In different months, the numbers of mentees and participants vary. It is not possible to know in advance how much the participants will employ the mentor. Some of the participants in the Vegan Challenge are very active questioners and some request a mentor, but then find out they do not need a mentor at all.

If you want to take a break from mentoring, for example due to holidays or periodical rushes or to stop mentoring altogether, contact the mentor team in good time. Ongoing mentoring should be completed.

Organized by ((ORGANIZATION)) the Vegan Challenge is an anti-racist and anti-discrimination organization. We do not accept discrimination based on gender, color, age or sexual orientation. Participants are required to follow these rules as well.

If you agree to the above terms and conditions, continue to registration for mentor training.

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